Weekly Contest

Weekly Contest #1

This is the first contest this website has ever had, and we want to make it special. All you have to do for this week is upload or take a photo of yourself and your best friend(s) doing something you love to do together! Wither it is sitting on a couch watching a movie or in the water having the time of your life. After you choose your picture all you have to do is make up a caption of your own. you could also choose a caption from a famous movie/t.v star or even a book character (example: May the odds be ever in your favour. *Effie Trinket, The Hunger Games*).

~~~ Please E-mail me your photos and captions at:     makayla.levy@gmail.com      (in your E-mail please remember to tell us if you would like  to have your photo posted on this website for people to admire.)

Here is an example of what you photo may look like:

     “When life shows you that you have 1 hundred reasons to frown, show life that you have 1 million reasons to smile”.

         *Makayla Levy, Dancer*


                  Makayla Levy


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